"Bailey Purvis, as Tanya, completely stole the show. Her Tanya took pieces from many iconic woman characters, including Patsy from the British television show "Absolutely Fabulous," Elle Woods from "Legally Blonde" and a little bit of Anna Nicole Smith. Her performance of "Does Your Mother Know," when Tanya shoots down some of the younger men on the island, was hilarious and brought levity back to the show after Donna and Sam's emotional "SOS." -Broadway World Reviews, Marcus Center


"Sarah Smith's Rosie and Bailey Purvis' Tanya, however, deserve their own standing ovation (which they did in fact receive). Both women's impeccable comedic timing and fleshed out characters made them the hit of the evening." -BroadwayWorld.com


"Bailey Purvis, as another one of mom's pals, delivers SIZZLE!" -WeAreGreenBay.com 



"Bailey Purvis as the ditzy, self-righteous Skylar is absolutely hilarious, and she manages to walk the fine line between hilarious parody and total absurdity with poise." -DC Metro Theatre Arts"

Bailey Purvis as Skylar played the stuck up blonde perfectly!" -The MD Theatre Guide